Frequently Asked Questions

What is Paycloud?

Paycloud is a rewards program that allows you to earn rewards and snag savings at businesses nationwide.

Where can I use Paycloud?

Visit our locations page to find a Paycloud business near you. There are hundreds of locations nationwide.

How do I use Paycloud?

Check out the get started page to learn how to use the free Paycloud mobile rewards app or pick up a Paycloud loyalty card.

Does Paycloud cost anything?

The Paycloud app and Paycloud card are free for customers. If you're a business, learn more about pricing.We've been driving successful loyalty programs for local businesses for nearly a decade.

How can a business learn more about using Paycloud?

Paycloud is proven loyalty marketing platform that will increase the impact of your loyal customers on your business. Learn more about how your business can use Paycloud »

The updated app looks different. What changed?

Glad you noticed! The latest app update makes it even easier for you to use Paycloud by tapping one button on the app. You no longer have to go into each businesses' page on the app to earn rewards. Just tap the "Use Paycloud" button when you visit a business to instantly join their program, earn rewards and redeem savings.

Where do I find the map or my wallet on the updated app?

Tap the menu icon on the home screen to reveal the map and your wallet. Not to worry, all your favorite features are still in the Paycloud app.

Will my existing Paycloud app work even if I don't update it?

Sure, but we think you'll like the new version. It's even easier to use and eliminates the need to open a business' program to earn rewards. With the new app, you can tap one button to earn and redeem rewards at any location.

Why should I register my Paycloud card online?

Registering your card allows you to manage your rewards online 24/7. You can also share information with the Paycloud businesses where you shop so they can tell you about new products and their latest deals via email or text.

What happens when I scan my QR code on the Paycloud tablet?

The camera on the Paycloud tablet scans the QR code on your phone or Paycloud card to access your Paycloud account information. By scanning your QR code you'll instantly earn rewards on your purchase and the tablet will know if you have a reward to redeem at that location.

Can I actually pay for anything with Paycloud?

Some businesses give you reward cash as a component of their loyalty program. If you earn reward cash it will be stored on your Paycloud app or card and you can use it to pay for a future purchase. You can also load money on your Paycloud card or Paycloud mobile rewards app just like a gift card.

I want one of the businesses where I shop to use Paycloud. How can I get them to use it?

We like the way you think. Complete the "Refer a Merchant" form on our locations page to refer a business »

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